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Launched in 2019, Future aims to give the average person the star treatment with a digital personal training experience tailored to your needs. Five of the people on our team have tested Future, including Coop Mitchell, the founder of Garage Gym Reviews; myself, a certified personal trainer and competitive weightlifter; and three others. Coop and I have actually used Future for years, giving us great insight to how the program works over a long period of time.

In this Future app review, we’ll share our experiences and give insight as to whether this is one of the best personal training apps, and if it is worth your money.

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More Than 500 Future Workouts Completed

The Garage Gym Reviews team doesn’t just write and create content about fitness – fitness is our life. Among our team, we have completed more than 500 Future workouts, so it’s fair to say this review is an informed opinion. In addition to future, we have tested many of the best online workout programs

We’re also big on making sure you get the most for your money, evaluating the cost of things like a home gym vs gym membership. We will take a hard look at what Future costs and if it’s worth it.

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Future App


GGR Score: 4.3 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Virtual training from qualified coaches
  • Personal plan designed to help reach your goals
  • Great interface
  • Use our link for 50% off your first month

Pros & Cons


  • Incredible user interface; very well designed and intuitive
  • Choose your own coach based on your personal preferences and goals
  • Lots of variety in your workouts


  • No real-time coaching from your trainer
  • $199 per month membership cost

Bottom Line

An online training program that's staffed by real-life humans, and one of our favorite fitness apps.

A Quick Look at the Future App

Your excuses are no longer safe when using the Future app. Don’t have any equipment? No problem. Traveling across the country? Sounds good. Only have time at 4 a.m? Even better. This digital personal training app won’t let you convince yourself that you don’t have the time, equipment, or motivation to crush your fitness goals. 

A trainer personally designs your workout program based on your fitness level, time, and equipment. There are videos to walk you through every step of your workout, from warmup to cooldown.

When Coop and I first started using Future, it was only available on Apple devices running iOS. Now, thankfully, the app is available for Android as well.

Coop’s Tips Before You Buy:

  • If you’re planning to go on vacation, you can add the dates under your profile in the app. This helps your coach plan around your schedule and accommodate any changes in equipment that might happen. 
  • Wondering if you’re doing an exercise correctly? Click the “record form” button during your workout to send a video to your coach for feedback. 

Video Review

Is the Future App Worth It? 

When Future launched, it cost about $150 a month. That’s about the price many boutique gyms like CrossFit boxes cost. In 2023, Future raised the price to $200 a month. That is understandably a lot for an app on your phone.

However, as a certified personal trainer, I can tell you that hiring a certified personal trainer will cost you a lot more. A pretty average rate for personal training is $1 a minute (though most trainers will charge you more than that). If you did three, 30-minute sessions a week, that’s $90 a week, or $360 a month—far less than the Future app costs.

If, however, you have no interest in personal training, I can see how this price would cause you sticker shock.

Here’s who I think Future would be an ideal fit for and who might be better off with something different: 

Great for:

  • People looking for a personal trainer on a flexible schedule
  • Those who need motivation or accountability for workouts
  • Individuals who want a PT without the hefty price tag that generally comes with in-person training

Not recommended for:

  • Individuals who prefer in-person training
  • People who like to follow their own programs

Getting Started With Future

We gave the app setup a 5 out of 5 on our ratings metrics because it’s just that easy.

Once you sign up with Future, you’ll download the app. The first thing you’ll do is click the “find your coach” button on the home page. You’ll be asked a few questions about your current workout habits and what goals you’re looking to achieve. From there, Future will recommend a few coaches based on your answers. You can also disregard their suggestions if you’re feeling rebellious and take a look at the dozens of qualified options available. 

One of our testers, Caroline, decided to pick her own and chose Elle, a former professional soccer player who likes HIIT workouts. She equated it a little to a dating app, because you’re looking for someone compatible who can help you achieve your goals in a way that’s enjoyable for you. 

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I agree. Although I chose a coach that was recommended to her, my coach was well suggested–the former gymnast could definitely help with my objective of gaining upper body strength for handstands.

Once you’ve chosen your coach, they’ll schedule a FaceTime call with you to talk about your current fitness routine and what you hope to achieve with Future. It’s nice to connect with your coach face to face because it feels like they really care about seeing you succeed. Your coach will also check in with you every month to see how you are doing with the fitness plans they’re creating to see if any tweaks need to be made. 

Woman FaceTiming with her online personal trainer

Starting Your Future App Workouts  

Depending on how many days a week you want to workout, your Future coach will design a custom plan for you for the entire week. By Sunday evening, you should be able to see what you have to accomplish so you can plan accordingly. At first, I was a little nervous there wouldn’t be any rest days, but these are luckily planned into your schedule for you. 

Since Caroline decided she wanted to improve her mile time and get better at pull-ups, her coach had her complete a baseline workout to see where she could get better. I didn’t do a baseline workout – I jumped head first into the programming because I let my coach know I was an experienced Olympic weightlifter. 

When you’re ready to begin your planned workout for the day, you’ll simply launch the app, click “view workout,” and “start.” 

From there, your coach will likely talk to you about what to expect for the exercises. When the workout begins, there is a person on the screen who is demonstrating the exercises as they should be performed. A semi-robotic voice tells you what equipment you need (like dumbbells or resistance bands) and what movement you’ll be doing. The voice also gives you cues during the workout. If you aren’t sure you are doing a movement correctly, you can record your form to send it to your coach. While you may not get cues in real time on your movement, you can at least get feedback for the next time.

future app for the week

I especially liked that the app works with your watch, and you can easily tap a button to move through your workout. This eliminates having to run over to your phone frequently. You can also easily pause your workout to take extra time to breathe or warmup. I also was able to cast the workout from my phone to my TV at home.

Both Logan and Caroline mentioned that they liked being able to rate how the workout felt after it was completed. Your coach is then able to make adjustments based on your feedback to make your workouts even more tailored for you. 

future app review workouts

Accountability and Flexibility

Almost every morning, my coach sent me a motivational quote and encouraged me to get my workout in. I don’t normally have an issue with accountability, but it was nice to know my coach was in my corner and wanted to see me succeed. If you’re someone who struggles with sticking to a workout plan, the Future app is a great option for you because you’ll have a real person gently nagging you to get going. 

However, just because the Future coaches want you to work out doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t accommodate for extenuating circumstances. Since they are actual humans (and not robots planning your workouts), they understand that life happens. People get injured and have off days and your coach is there to help you pivot accordingly. Caroline hurt her back a month into trying Future, and her coach switched up her workouts to be more low-impact and rehab focused, which was really helpful for her. This shows me that regardless of your level, a Future coach can help you improve.

The only big downside with this app is the price. Don’t get me wrong – $199 per month is not even close to the cost of getting an actual in-person PT on your case multiple times a week.  However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this can be out of some people’s budget. If you can afford it, I’d definitely recommend it as a less stressful way to workout since it eliminates the aspect of having to plan your own workouts. 

man looking at future training app on phone


The Future app initially only worked with Apple products, and an Apple Watch was required to use the service. Future actually sent me an Apple watch to use when I signed up.

However, this is no longer the case. You can now use Future with Apple or Android, and they definitely aren’t sending out watches anymore.

An Apple Watch seamlessly syncs with Future once you download the app for the watch. The watch then tracks your Future workouts for you without you having to remember to start a workout on the device, which is great in my opinion. Plus, you won’t have an opportunity to fudge the workout, because your trainer will be able to see your daily calories burned, activities, heart rate, and workouts completed. This adds an extra layer of accountability alongside the kind, but firm prodding of your coach. 

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3-Year Update: Is the Future App Still Worth It?

In a word, yes. Coop is approaching his three-year anniversary later this year and he says he doesn’t see himself stopping any time soon.

“I think the biggest evidence of my feelings toward Future is that I’ve used it every week since September 2020. I also pay for my wife to use it, I’m that big of a believer.”

Coop Mitchell, GGR founder

I admit: I didn’t think I’d still be with Future after doing the initial review, but two years later, and I’m still with it. The program has actually helped me after I suffered a weightlifting injury that needed surgery.

I have a great relationship with my Future coach. She has helped me stay on track, programming one-arm, core, and lower-body exercises to keep me moving. She got creative so my workouts were still varied, never boring. Once I got my PT work, she added that into my workouts, which kept me accountable to doing PT (which everyone knows is the hardest part of PT).

That accountability factor and personal touch is the main reason I have continued with Future. That, and not having to think at all about what my workout is because a professional has programmed it for me according to my goals, my abilities, and my equipment.

Future App Specs

Price$199 per month 
Compatible WithiOS, Android
Country Available United States 
Gym Membership RequiredNo
Ability to Change CoachesYes
Corporate Wellness OptionsYes

Future App vs. Peloton App—Which One’s Better

Peloton App

Peloton App

Product Highlights

  • World-class workout classes
  • Variety of fitness routines
  • On-bike and off-bike workouts
  • Don't need a Peloton bike to sign up for the app

Pros & Cons


  • World-class programming
  • Not just bike workouts
  • Can be used all over the world
  • Keeps tracks of all training metrics
  • Train from the comfort of your own home
  • 30-day free trial


  • Costs $39 per month
  • Required to access Peloton Bike's features

Bottom Line

The Peloton app is one of the best training programs we've come across on any piece of exercise equipment.

If you’re someone who enjoys group fitness classes, go with the Peloton App. In fact, you could consider the Peloton app a fitness school since it has a seemingly endless variety of live and on-demand fitness classes from cycling (of course) all the way to yoga (and yes, there are also strength classes). And in case you’re wondering, you don’t need a Peloton Bike to have the Peloton app—actually, some non-Peloton bikes can be synced to the Peloton app so your trainer can control your speed and resistance.

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The Future App, on the other hand, is better for people who prefer one-on-one training and want their coach to customize the workouts to their fitness goals and needs. Future coaches can also help you develop a routine if you’re on vacation or maybe suffer an injury.

Who Should Buy the Future App

  • People who prefer one-on-one training
  • Anyone looking to pursue a specific goal
  • Those who want a fitness app that adapts to your busy life and travel schedule

Who Should Buy the Peloton App

  • Those who prefer group fitness classes
  • Anyone who enjoys switching up fitness routines
  • Those who want a more budget-friendly fitness app

Future App vs. JuggernautAI—Humans or Robots?



Product Highlights

  • Use code "GARAGEGYM" for a discount on JuggernautAI training.
  • Smart powerlifting and powerbuilding program from Chad Wesley Smith, an accomplished strength athlete and owner of Juggernaut Training Systems.
  • Uses information such as your weight, training history, current fitness level and training load, personal records, goals, and ideal training schedule to create strength and hypertrophy blocks to prepare you for powerlifting or bodybuilding meets.

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely intuitive app experience
  • Super smart and responsive AI
  • Offers a two-week free trial to see if you like it


  • Not the same as working with a real coach
  • Dashboard is a little confusing at first
  • Only for strength training (no cardio workouts)

Bottom Line

JuggernautAI compiles your information to create a personalized powerlifting and powerbuilding workout experience.

JuggernautAI is, as its name implies, an artificial intelligence-based app that personalizes workout programs based on a fitness assessment and whatever data you input. We’ll be honest, it’s really cool and it’s shockingly affordable considering the high-quality workouts it produced for us. At only $35 per month, it’s much more affordable than the $199 Future subscription.

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As cool as the AI technology is, there are some people who get better results from interacting with a human. A human coach, even if they are talking to you virtually, will be able to pick up on cues that a robot can’t (until they become self-aware, that is). Also, it’s easier to ignore a robot’s “accountability alerts” so if you’re someone who needs an accountability buddy we’d recommend Future.

Of course, you need to be willing to pay for it and it’s not cheap, but we feel the customer service makes it well worth it.

Who Should Buy Future App

  • People who prefer human-to-human interactions
  • Those who don’t mind paying for a premium service
  • Anyone looking for a coach who can pick up on cues that a robot can’t

Who Should Buy JuggernautAI

  • People interested in AI technology
  • Those who don’t need personal coaching
  • Anyone on a budget

Customer Experience 

Future definitely stands behind its service: if you don’t love the app within the first month of using it, you’ll get a full-refund. I also like that you’re able to cancel whenever without going through hoops of fire like some fitness memberships make you do. You can also easily switch out your coach if you want to try someone new by clicking “profile,” “account,” and “switch coach.”

I don’t love that there isn’t a live chat option or a phone number to call with questions. If you scroll to the bottom of the website, you will see an “FAQ and Contact us” link. However, the page is all FAQs without an obvious way to contact customer service for help. I did keep hunting, and after clicking various questions, I found an email address: help@future.co. It is worth noting that they don’t make it a simple process to find a method to contact them. 

future app review coach

Customer Reviews

With over 91 ratings on Trustpilot, the Future app receives a solid score of 4.7 out of 5. Customers enjoyed the tailored aspect of the workouts and the accountability from having a personalized coach. People also mentioned that the app was simple to use and the coach could always change your workouts based on what equipment you have on hand. 

In terms of negative feedback, a few people complained that the workouts they were receiving didn’t seem personalized to them and they also wished there was a nutrition aspect to the app. However, these less than positive reviews were few and far between.  

Nathan doing pull-ups and following along with Future app

Final Verdict of Our Future App Review

Here are my thoughts on the Future App summarized: it’s awesome. Whether you’re someone who wants to get back into fitness, are insanely busy, or want to personal train on your schedule, this app is probably for you. The real barrier can be the price (for some people) and if you don’t have an iPhone. Otherwise, this app is genuinely one of the best I’ve used in its category because it is so personalized to your individual goals and needs.

Lastly, I want to give a specific shout-out to my coach on Future, Jacob Sheeter. We’ve been working together for over A YEAR (seriously, I’ve been training with Future and Jacob now for more than 365 days and over 200 workouts.)

Final Rating

Future App

The Future app is a great training app for most people, whether you've been training for years or you're just getting started. The personalization of this app according to your personal training goals is what makes it so special.

Product Brand: Future

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 199

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Future App Rating

App Setup – 5
App Ease of Use – 4.5
Instruction – 3.66
Equipment Demands – 5
Interactive Features – 4
Value – 3.75
Customer Service – 3.75
Customer Reviews – 4.7
Buy Now!

Future App FAQs

How does Future work?

Future is essentially a virtual personal training service. Your coach will ask you questions about what kind of workouts you like to do, what your goals are, and what equipment you generally have on hand. From there, they will create workouts weekly that help you get closer to your goals. There is also an accountability aspect to it where your coach will encourage you to complete your workouts and also remind you when you’ve missed one.

How much is Future each month?

Future is $199 per month. However, if you sign up using our link above, you’ll get 50% off your first month!

Can you pick your own coach with Future?

After answering some questions about your fitness habits and goals, you’ll get a few trainers recommended to you based on your answers. You are able to disregard the suggestions and take a look at all the trainers offered and pick your own.

Do my goals have to be cardio or strength training specific?

Nope! You can have pretty much any goal under the sun. Your coach is there to support you on your fitness journey, regardless of your fitness level. That can look like anything from workouts for general weight loss, achieving proper form on push-ups, or being better about completing warm-ups to prevent injury.

Does Future offer a free trial?

Future doesn’t offer a free trial, though they do offer the first month for 50% off so you can see if you like it.

What comes in the future welcome kit?

The Future welcome kit comes with an Apple Watch (if you don’t already own one) and a Future-branded water bottle (which you’ll need during the workouts they put you through).

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Launched in 2019, Future aims to give the average person the star treatment with a digital personal training experience tailored to your needs. Five of the people on our team have tested Future, including Coop Mitchell, the founder of Garage Gym Reviews; myself, a certified personal trainer and competitive weightlifter; and three others. Coop and I have actually used Future for years, giving us great insight to how the program works over a long period of time.  » Read more about: Future App Review (2023): Personal Training with a Twist (Plus 3-year Update)  » Read more