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EFS Glute Ham Raise

This is the one that started it all. We discovered years ago that there was something wrong with all Glute Ham Raises.

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EFS Glute Ham Raise

This is the one that started it all. We discovered years ago that there was something wrong with all Glute Ham Raises. They all felt great at the start of the movement but lost the training effect as you reached the top. In many cases you could not pull yourself into the top (peak) position without falling off the machine. We went to work and discovered that the pad design and angle had to change. After many designs we finally got it right and the elitefts™ GHR became an industry leader.
Why did we do this?
This is simple. We understand the GHR is one of the most important movements of any training program. Very few movements train the hamstrings at both joint angles (hip and knee). This is critical because this is how you body works when it runs, jumps, squats and pulls. If your gonna do the movement we believe you should get maximal results.

All elitefts™ Glute Ham Raises have been tested for performance and results! We view the GHR as one of the top three pieces ALL weight rooms should have. This is the reason why we have spent countless hours on pad design and angle. This is what makes or breaks the Glute Ham Raise. Think of it this way; how effective would a preacher curl be on a flat bench? It would become counter productive when the weight crosses the mid point of the movement. This is where gravity would take over taking all of the stress off the muscle. This is also true with the Glute Ham Raise. We know this because we haver been doing them for years and are always working to improve how to make simple movements better.

You can now do…
Glute Ham Raises
Back Raises
Bilateral Leg Lifts
One Leg Glute Ham Raises
One Leg Back Raises
Side Bending Torso Training
Russian Twists

The tilted pad angle also allows for…
Standing Inclined Triceps Extensions
Standing Inclined Dumbbell Presses
Standing Ab Work with bands (attached to foot plate)
Upper Back Stretching
Preacher Curls (*I can’t believe that we even recommend this.)
A great place to lean between sets

This unit was designed to fit any budget. We have taken all the bells and whistles off and left you with the basic core movement that will produce maximal results

Hear this

To elitefts™,
“I just got my GHR and am very impressed with the quality. After one set I knew right away that I made the right decision getting your GHR. The pad angle makes all the difference. After 3 reps I was shot. I am now a very strong believer in the statement you get what you pay for. I have used many cheaper GHR’s in the past and was not totally sold on the movement. I now see how wrong I was.”
Chris Dickson

“Just got my GHR and I want to say if you don’t have one,get it now!!! I’d been trying to improvise the GHR’s on a incline bench and off the floor(hooking your heels under the lowest setting of the safey bar)and there is no comparison between these and the real thing. This unit is built like a M1A1 and will be around long after I’m gone. I now understand what Dave meant about the oversized foot plate. Great machine.”
Jack Davis

“Dave and Traci, the Glute Ham Raise is great, the most effective one I have ever used. Thanks for the excellent customer service.”
Tommy King


Made In USA




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